The London Bridge Experience, crowned ‘Best Guided Tour’, is an immersive theatrical experience bringing together history and horror, education and fun

Become part of London's gruesome history and travel back in time with notorious English characters, uncovering the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most haunted bridge. You will see, hear and even smell what London Bridge was like throughout the ages.

Keep your head

Come face to face with Queen Boudica's Iceni tribe and join them as they take on the Roman army. Be regaled by tales of terror at The Star Inn on Fish Lane as Jack The Ripper and Ben Crouch lurk in the lanes searching for the next victim. And meet The Keeper of The Heads at work as he preserves WilliamWallace’s head, as it was upon London Bridge the heads of traitors were stuck on spikes for all to see.

Join the revolution

Experience medieval life first hand as you pass through the Chapel of Thomas Becket and onto the shop lined streets of London Bridge as the Great Fire of London takes hold and sweeps the city. After taking all of this in you will enter the Vortex and be taken back to the multi award winning present day hell, more commonly known as LONDON TOMBS.

The story of London Bridge

London Bridge has seen it all, from being built in around 53 AD to the bridge we cross today there has been murder, intrigue, collapse, fire and much more. The secrets and lies surrounding the bridge will never be fully known but here you will see an interesting and factual timeline of inception through to current times. However you look at it, this bridge has many a tale to tell.

53 A.D.
The first London Bridge was built about 53 A.D. It was a military style pontoon bridge.
Timeline Pic 1
60 A.D.
Londinium and the bridge was destroyed by the rebel army led by Queen Boudica in 60 A.D - a new city was then built to the East.
Timeline Pic 2
100 A.D.
A new city and bridge was built. London Bridge spanned the wide Thames Between the 'South Works' (Southwark) and Londinium.
Timeline Pic 3
300 A.D.
By 300 A.D. Londinium was an established city and port, with London Bridge as the gateway to and from the South.
Timeline Pic 4
410 A.D.
The Romans went home in 410 A.D. and the Anglo-Saxons took control. Britannia became 'Angle-Land'.
Timeline Pic 5
The Norse King Olav defeated the Danish invaders by pulling down the wooden bridge in 1014.
Timeline Pic 6
The Normans invaded in 1066 and rode over London Bridge from the south, King William I gave the city a charter to rule itself.
Timeline Pic 7
In 1190 the first stone bridge was built by the Norman monk Peter de Colechurch. It was to stand for some 622 years.
Timeline Pic 8
Peter de Colechurch died in 1205. He is interred in the Chapel of St Thomas on the bridge.
Timeline Pic 9
William Wallace was the first man to have his head displayed on London Bridge in 1305.
Timeline Pic 10
The grisly gate house on the Southwark side displayed the heads of traitors.
Timeline Pic 11
In 1390 a famous joust took place on the bridge. It was between Englishman Sir John Welles and Scot Sir David de Lindesay. The Scottish knight won the joust.
Timeline Pic 12
The rebel Jack Cade led another peasant's revolt in 1450 AD. He lost his head which was displayed on the bridge; as was the fate of another rebel Wat Tyler in 1381.
Timeline Pic 13
Non Such House was constructed on the bridge in 1577, it took the place of the old drawbridge. It was fabricated in Holland, and not one single nail was used to put it together.
Timeline Pic 14
The bridge has suffered many fires in 2,000 years, mainly in 1215, 1633 and 1666. It always rose again like a Phoenix.
Timeline Pic 15
The chaos on the bridge made it hard to collect the tolls, so a new rule was imposed in 1722. 'Keep to the Left' was established and adopted by the whole country.
Timeline Pic 16
The stone bridge caused the Thames to flow slowly, so it used to freeze over in severe weather. Fairs were often held on the frozen pack ice.
Timeline Pic 17
The old bridge and the new bridge in 1831. St Magnus the Martyr church still stands today with its clock.
Timeline Pic 18
The present London Bridge was constructed next to the Rennie Bridge in 1971.
Timeline Pic 19
HM Queen Elizabeth II opened the present bridge in 1973. Are you in the picture? If so contact us for a complimentary pass.
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The Rennie bridge was sold off. It was bought, then dismantled and resurrected in Lake Havasu Arizona U.S.A. by Robert Paxton McCulloch for $4.6m
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