Reviews from the survivors

Not everyone has what it takes to survive The London Bridge Experience but those that do have an urge to share their stories.

“I nearly had a cardiac arrest” — Time Out

“The most haunted attraction in England” — Jonathan Ross

“We had an absolutely great time at the Bridge/Tombs. Brilliant cast and fantastic sets & theming” —Immersive London

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Both informative and utterly terrifying

I went to London Bridge Experience/tombs last Saturday and it was brilliant. The actors were both convincing and very informative. I then went into the second part which was so fantastic. I was scared to the core. One of the actors at the end really got me and I jumped out of my skin. It is well recommended and a must see when you’re in London well worth the money. I will definitely be going back when they have a scare event on.

  • Demibloo15
  • Visited in May, 2017
  • Essex

The kids’ favourite attraction

Our pre-teen grandkids screamed through this scary and fascinating underground experience and rated it as their favourite place to visit in London.

  • Jerusalembarbara
  • Visited in May, 2017
  • Jerusalem

So glad we checked it out!

At first I was skeptical thinking it was just a haunted house of sorts but I was definitely wrong. I learned a ton about the London Bridge and London in general throughout the experience. The actors stayed in character throughout which made the whole thing a lot more fun.

All in all it was worth it, when we first walked in, I didn’t know what to think and wasn’t so thrilled we’d be there for the next hour and a half. By the end, I was glad we went in and learned a ton! This was part of our London Pass which was a great buy and well worth it in itself!

  • Jeff G
  • Visited in January, 2017
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Great staff, chillingly good actors

Visited today for my daughters 11th birthday with her and a few friends and what a brilliant experience was had by all! 🙂 Great staff, chillingly good actors…. delighted by the frights highly recommended 5 stars all the way! Thank you 🙂

  • Aisling Mariner
  • Visited in December, 2016


Brilliant first part was very educational all actors knew their facts down to a T! I studied history and there was not one word wrong! The second part was so scary it made me cry, well worth the money!!!

  • Hannah Page
  • Visited in November, 2016


The experience was a gift from my son and daughter in law, absolutely brilliant time… wasn’t sure what to expect, so quite nervous and apprehensive of every little movement… the actors were so good, really getting in to character and involving us in the talks… a good point to note is don’t get caught trying to force your partner to volunteer for something, I was caught red handed and was ‘chosen’ to impersonate a bird making the sounds of Romans were spotted coming near our ‘boat’, so funny, i loved it… the maze at the end was so good, listening to grown men scream and jump out of their skin whilst being jumped out on etc… highly recommend this experience, especially as the group was not too big.. every time i drink out of my goblet i bought in the shop i will remember our day… i want to go back again… actually learnt something of the history as well, well done & thank you..

  • Shirley O'Dwyer
  • Visited in November, 2016

Best time I’ve ever had!!

Been twice now 1st daytime show then went tonight for phobophobia I have to say tonight was the best time I’ve ever had!! Absolutely loved it cannot recommend enough I could have gone right back in for more cannot wait to go agai next year!!! It’s such a huge Buzz! Thank you Emma for arranging my VIP experience & to Kirsty for arranging my tickets loved it! Xx

  • Narishka Khatun
  • Visited in November, 2016

Totally recommend this, educational as well as terrifying

Totally recommend this, educational as well as terrifying; now I am not the type of person easily scared, but my throat hurt by the end of this from screaming, so exhilarating!

  • Vikki Mutley Hills
  • Visited in October, 2016

I was genuinely scared for my life

My daughter bought me these tickets as a birthday present, and i loved it! We had a fantastic time with the actors, I guess it helped to make it more fun, as me and my daughter kept getting targeted and picked out to get involved in the experiences, and when it came to the talk through, somehow we were right at the back, I was petrified, kept getting followed by some freaky zombie kinda bloke, the clown came right out and chased me, and when it came to the evil looking man with the chainsaw, he looked like he wanted to chop me up into little pieces, i couldn’t get up those last stairs quick enough, I was genuinely scared for my life, he was so close I could feel the heat from the chain saw on the back of my legs, thank you London Bridge guys you did a great job!!

  • Nicola Henry
  • Visited in September, 2016

What a brilliant experience!

Visited today for my daughters 11th birthday with her and a few friends and what a brilliant experience was had by all! unknown.png 🙂 Great staff, chillingly good actors…… 😉 delighted by the frights highly
recommended 5 stars all the way! Thank you 🙂
  • Aisling Mariner
  • Visited in January, 2016