Phobophobia: The Ventriloquist Nightmare
No One Escapes His Control!!!  
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Phobophobia is the annual adult only Halloween spectacular at The London Bridge Experience & Tombs taking place over the course of 10 days. The sets of the attraction are transformed into completely new and different themes based on facing your utmost fears.

This Halloween.. enter into the Nightmare of the Ventriloquist, where the puppets are out to play and want you to join in on their games, but be aware as these puppets don't have strings to hold them back on catching you! The Ventriloquist doesn't always get his experiment right so as you delve deeper through the Vaults, lurking in the shadows may be discarded marionettes who are dying to meet you! 

!In 2015 we scared over 15000 people during Phobophobia, when they came to meet our family of freaks. The shows last around 30 minutes and are strictly for the over 16s. Very little is ever revealed about the shows themselves but rest assured that this year Phobophobia is going to do its very best to ruin you.

If you are a big baby and easily offended, it's probably best you attend our halloween family friendly daytime shows.


Once tickets are booked for Phobophobia we do not offer any refunds under any circumstances. Tickets can be gifted. The time you book for is an hour time slot and therefore means you will be admitted within the 60 minutes following the time booked. These shows are not for children and we do not admit anyone under the age of 16. Tickets can be booked below and you will receive your e tickets via email which must be printed and brought with you on the night. These are high octane shows and very popular therefore advanced booking is required. Bad language, coarse content, both verbal and physical are present throughout the shows and guests of a nervous or prudish disposition are advised not to come to this show. Our actors can touch you, they will not hurt you. Under no circumstances are you to touch the actors without invitation. Management reserve the right to refuse entry. Images used in any marketing material may not necessarily represent the show content and are purely for the purposes of marketing and call to action.

Phobophobia Show Times and Dates for 2015

Saturday 22nd - Monday 31st October 

Shows: 18:00 through 22:00

Strictly over 16 years old only

What about the family?

Dont worry, family friendly shows run daily during this period 10:30 - 17:00

What others say

"Horrendously frightening, way scarier than the daytime shows"
"My boyfriend was straddled by a male bride, hilarious and horrific all in one go."
"Really enjoyed Phobophobia, but won't be back, I am not that stupid"
"Phobophobia was absolutely terrifying, like being trapped inside a horror movie"
"They said kids cant go, now I know why, I am scarred for life"