More real history: Builders working on the excavation of the set of London Tombs in 2007 discovered a Plague Pit that contained a large collection of skeletons, unnerving the builders so much that they refused to work down there alone!

The bridge itself was also a scene of gruesome happenings. In Tudor times they used to impale the heads of traitors and criminals on spikes along the bridge: some of the skulls that were found on the site actually had holes through as if they were impaled. London during these times was certainly a very hard and cruel place to live, and this has left an imprint on the area, perhaps leading to the abundance of paranormal activity that is experienced here under in The Tombs.

The London Bridge Experience‘s ghostly goings-on in its catacombs

Them bones, them bones: plague victim remains or something more sinister? It really was a cold and foggy night. An evening when sensible folk were cuddling up to a beer or two in one of the many treasured ale houses of Southwark. But our small group had an appointment with death, in the catacombs beneath… Read More

Creepy glare of terror ghoul in London’s vaults

A worker snapped the spectre on camera while in ancient vaults beneath London Bridge station.He claims the snap shows a sinister face with white eyes glowing in the darkness.Originally built in the Victorian period, the chilling vaults are now home to a spooky tourist attraction that promises to “uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath… Read More