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No One Escapes His Control!!!  

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Phobophobia is the annual adult only Halloween spectacular at The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs which takes place in the evenings over the course of 10 days.

Halloween 2016 brought you The Ventriloquist’s Nightmare, where our puppets were out to play and threw thousands of Londoners into their worst nightmare each night. Tangled in our puppet strings, we managed to catch Nicole Scherzinger and Sam Smith who braved a visit to meet our Puppet Master and barley made it out alive…

Tickets are now on sale for Halloween 2017 and we can guarantee that every year we get bigger and scarier, so don’t forget to check back here soon for more details. Your next worst nightmare begins the 21st of October 2017!


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Leporiphobia 2017 - Our Annual Easter Scare Shows

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th April 2017
First Show 19:00
Last Show 22:00

NOW ONSALE: Book using code Evil until 31/10/2016 
to get 20% off Leporiphobia tickets

Following the success of our 2016 Alice shows we are pleased to announce that 2017 is now on sale. Full details are not yet available but we can guarantee that you will be in for an even bigger, more surprising and more evil trip that 2016, or even 2015. Book NOW

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Silver Scream Sleepovers
Saturday Night Shenanigans

These back to basics evenings are full of fun and fear. Bring your sleeping bag for a night of classic horror, Ghost Hunt and much more at The London Bridge Experience & Tombs; officially the UK's Scariest Attraction. Twilight Ghost Tours will take you on a journey of freaky discovery as they bring contact with those from another world and you will enjoy a viewing of a classic film on a 200" screen. Films are as follows:

5th March: Nightmare on Elm Street
12th March: The Fly
19th March: Psycho

You must be over 18 to attend these evenings and you bring your own sleeping arrangements. A great opportunity for friends, family or even a work outing. You will be sure to meet new people; they might just be DEAD!

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What others say

"Horrendously frightening, way scarier than the daytime shows"
"My boyfriend was straddled by a male bride, hilarious and horrific all in one go."
"Really enjoyed Phobophobia, but won't be back, I am not that stupid"
"Phobophobia was absolutely terrifying, like being trapped inside a horror movie"
"They said kids cant go, now I know why, I am scarred for life"